Monday, June 30, 2014

Sleepy Sunday

Sunglasses: Eyes on Fremont / Similar
Belt: Anthropologie / Similar
Shoes: Nordstrom

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Hi guys! Boy oh boy, am I one tired lady! If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I was in Colorado for a few days last week. In fact, my whole extended family was there for my cousin's wedding, which was lovely as could be. I'll talk a bit more about my trip later this week, but what I'll tell you now is that because of our flight plans, I only got about 4 hours on sleep on Saturday night. Oof. As a result, once we got back into Seattle on Sunday, I had the laziest day ever. 

Most of my Sunday was spent napping with the cats, but I had a few errands to run, so it was the perfect opportunity to throw on this super comfy, nautical inspired maxi dress from Conversation Pieces. I've actually never owned a maxi dress, so I wasn't sure how I felt about it when I first got it, but now that I've worn it around, I couldn't be more in love. So, so cute and comfy.

While I was taking these photos, one of my favorite, friendly neighborhood cats came by. Isn't he cute? He was loving the camera!

Anyway, I'm slowly getting settled back in and am feeling thankful for the fact that I've got a short work week this week. I'm looking forward to having a long weekend to get my life back in order.

What did you guys get up to over the weekend?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Strawberry Fields

I mentioned in my post earlier this week that Katie and I went strawberry picking over the weekend! Since I, of course, documented the trip, I wanted to share some photos of the gorgeous fields of strawberries in Puyallup. Besides being a bit exhausting (so much squatting!), we had a blast, and ended up picking 10 pounds of berries between the two of us in about an hour!

I wish I could tell you about all the delicious things I made with my haul of berries, but truth be told, I just ate them by the handful, put them on waffles, and put the rest in the freezer to use at a later date. I'm going out of town tomorrow for my cousin's wedding, so I've been busy getting prepared for that. Alas, my dreams of mini strawberry angel food cakes will just have to wait!

Do you have any favorite recipes to make with strawberries?

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Monday, June 23, 2014

The First Days of Summer

Glasses: BonLook/Similar 
Belt: Anthropologie/Similar
Shoes: Nordstrom

My oh my, does time ever fly by on these sunny summer days! This last week has honestly been a bit of blur. But, a good blur. It was full of dinners with friends, ice cream in the park, strawberries, friends visiting, and a bit of lounging to boot.

My very dear friend Elle, who moved to LA about 10 months ago, came up to Seattle for a very brief visit, and I have to say it was SO good to see her. Elle is one of my best friends and I've been missing her a lot. Even though she was here for just two nights, it was so fun to get to catch up, go out, and bask in some sisterhood! My favorite moment of her visit was sitting around having a drink at a bar with some other lady friends and gabbing about lady stuff (embarrassing middle school period stories, amongst other things!). Once she headed out of town Friday morning, I had every intention of cleaning my house, but decided to give myself a lazy day- it had been a long week!

Saturday, I headed to Puyallup with Katie to go strawberry picking and oh my gosh, it was such a blast! I obviously took a bunch of pictures, so keep your eye out for those later this week. The photos above were taken at a park near the U-Pick farm, and, no surprise here, I wore a somewhat festive outfit for the strawberry picking occasion. 

I picked up this dress at one of my very favorite vintage shops, Trove Vintage, about a week ago and I could not be more in love with it. The color and pattern are too perfect for words and it fits like a dream! It has such a fun, summery feel, and since it's basically the color of strawberries it was perfect for the day. I also wore my new favorite flats, and the pinwheel ring I can't get enough of from Conversation Pieces.

The rest of the weekend involved cooking some food, lying in bed for way too long, and less exciting things like cleaning and doing laundry, BUT all in all, it was a dreamy weekend, perfect for ringing in the first couple days of summer.

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

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Monday, June 16, 2014

A Grand Adventure to the Lighthouse

(photos by Ian Macleod)

Glasses: BonLook / Similar
Sweater: c/o Conversation Pieces
Jeans: Urban Outfitters / Similar
Shoes: Rocketdog / Similar

In typical Seattle fashion, June has come and gone, and we're now smack dab in the middle of Junuary. Yes, Junuary. The lovely part of June where the sun goes into hiding and you remember that your tights, coats, and sweaters aren't done for the year. It happens. Washingtonians like to say that summer doesn't start until after the 4th of July, and that holds true almost every year.

While I'm a sucker for sunshine and just about all things summer, I must confess, I kind of love these cooler days. After a few weeks straight of sunny, warm days, these cool cloudy days bring out my inner adventurer, so over the weekend, my friend Ian and I headed to Discovery Park to visit the lighthouse. Ya'll, isn't this the prettiest place? Even though I'm practically a lifelong resident, I continue to be blown away by the beauty of this state and am constantly dumbfounded that gorgeous places like this exist and are easily accessible within the city limits of Seattle. 

I think many of us are guilty of this, but I totally get dressed based on whatever I'm doing, and since I was visiting the lighthouse, I decided to opt for a slightly nautical look. I'm currently obsessed with my new tote from Conversation Pieces: the gold grommets around the top just kill me, and the combination of handles and straps makes it the perfect carryall for a day adventuring. Since it was a bit chilly, but I knew I'd be doing quite a bit of walking to get to the lighthouse, I opted for comfy shoes, jeans, a lightweight sweater, and a super cute pinwheel ring to boot!

The lighthouse was gorgeous, and the beach nearby was piled high with driftwood. I was pretty much in Northwest heaven. The walk back from the beach was full of lush, green trees, and lots of birds. I got especially excited when I spotted an owl flying towards a tree and then saw that it had landed next to another owl. They were so cute all cozy on the branch together! While we lucked out and were rain free at the beach, we did not get so lucky on our walk to the bus. In fact, a torrential downpour started up, so we were totally soaked by the time we made it to the bus. But hey! What's a good adventure without some crazy weather, right?

All in all, it was a great day spent exploring, looking out on the Puget Sound, and having a grand adventure. Have you guys had any awesome adventures recently?

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Videos for a Happy Heart

You know those weeks where things aren't bad, but they're far from easy? Yea, it's one of those. I'm dealing with some family stuff right now (my grandma needs a major surgery), my heart is heavy from the shootings that have happened recently (and the other crummy stuff that's been in the news lately), I'm sore all the time from my new workout regimen, and I could really stand to have a week off, but can't use vacation time at work for a few more months.

What a bummer, right?

Well, I promise, this is not going to be a total bummer of a post, because today, I wanted to pop in and share some awesome videos that have made my heart happy this week.

Are you ready? Let's get you a happy heart, too!

Baby goats. I'm obsessed. One of my new life goals is to live somewhere I can have goats so I can get a baby goat and watch it run around. I am 100% serious.

This video has made me crack up more times than I'm willing to admit. What can I say? I'm a cat loving nerd.

This! Oh my god. What a little survivor!

Nick News: "Are We There Yet? Stories of Girls to Women" S1
These kids talking about feminism. I love knowing that a younger generation cares so much about women's rights and can speak so intelligently about the subject! Also, Linda Ellerbee is still doing Nick News and that is awesome.

Dolly Parton is a national treasure. I adore her.

And of course, some clips from Golden Girls. Thank YOU for being a friend!

I hope these put a smile on your face and spring in your step (and also made you giggle at how much of a nerd I am)!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Milkmaid Briads Tutorial

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, I wear my hair up a lot. Lately, one of my favorite hairstyles is up in milkmaid braids. Since some of you have been asking how to do it, I figured I'd do a quick tutorial for you guys!

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it's super easy and only takes about 5 minutes to do. If you can do a simple braid, you can make this happen. Promise!

Take a look at the photos and follow along!

1. Brush your hair! Mine's always real tangly, so this is key.
2. If you've got hair that's prone to laying flat like I do, spray a little hairspray on your roots and scrunch it up to give your hair a bit of volume.
3. Divide your hair into two sections by parting it down the back of your head.
4. Begin braiding one side. Once you get a bit of a braid started (like, maybe 2" or so), hold it in place and scrunch your hair up a bit by your roots. Again, volume!
5. Finish your braid, and secure it with a small hair tie. I like using the tiny little elastic ones, since they're not bulky.
6. Repeat steps 4-5 on the other side.
7. Grab the end of one of your braids and bring it up over your head like a headband. Once you've positioned it to your liking, use a bobby pin to pin it in place. I find that the best spot for this is just above the hair tie since the bulk of the hair tie holds the braid in place very nicely.
8. Repeat step 7, tucking the end of your braid and the bobby pin under the other braid.
9. Use bobby pins to secure and loose bits. I usually pin the ends of my braids under the braids themselves, and also pin the base of the braids so they don't stick out too much.
10. Optional: spray your whole head with hairspray to help hold the style. Real talk: I'm lazy and skip this step.

And there you have it! In just about 5 minutes you've got yourself a super cute hairstyle!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunny Days... In the Office.

 Glasses: Andy Wolf Eyewear
Belt: Target
Skirt: ModCloth / Similar
Shoes: Nordstrom

Oh, hey guys! Remember me? Sorry for the radio silence the last few weeks. Our biggest event of the year at work was about a week ago and I was working 60-85 hour weeks for about 3 weeks leading up to it. I even worked 11 days in a row at one point! Suffice it to say, I was a bit tied up and, sadly, wasn't able to find time to keep up with the ol' blog. But I missed you guys! And I'm glad to be back. And to have some time to catch up on your blogs and see what you've been up to the last few weeks!

Seattle is now in full on spring mode and I couldn't be loving it more. Since I work downtown now, I've been enjoying have bus access that allows me to jet off to different parts of town after work to hang out in the park or do some exploring. This time of year, it can be a bit tough dressing for work: I want something I can stay warm in for 8 hours in an air conditioned office, but that won't be too warm when I get done and head to the park. And obviously, it needs to be cute, too! I've been really loving this lightweight cardigan from Conversation Pieces for such reasons and can't get over its cute pointelle fabric pattern. Do any of you guys have this cold office problem, too?

Besides enjoying the spring weather and living at work the last few weeks, I've been having fun trying to check out some films during SIFF (the Seattle International Film Festival), catching a few concerts, obsessing over the new Mirah album, and exercising. Yes, that's right lady and gentleman, this lady finally joined a gym. I have to say, I'm really liking it so far! Even though everything is kicking my ass, I feel like I can improve and actually feel awesome when I leave. Here's to new healthy habits!

How have you guys been enjoying the glorious spring weather? Are you SO pumped for summer? I know I am!