Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canning Season Has Begun!

This Sunday has been wonderful! I started off the day with breakfast with a lovely friend, and afterwards we headed to the Broadway Farmers Market and wound up running into a lot of fantastic friends! I love running into people around town because it makes the city seem more like a cozy little town.

My mission for the farmers market was to find some asparagus. I don't know how it happens, but every year I manage to miss asparagus season! Now don't get me wrong, I buy it and eat it (because yum!), but I always mean to pickle it and somehow don't think about it until just after the season has ended. I was not about to let that happen again this year! The asparagus I brought home was gorgeous, and pickling it was a lot of fun!

Spring bounty!
Pickling spices.
Washing jars.
Cutting to size for pint jars.
Time for a rinse!
Packing jars with blanched asparagus and pickling liquid.
Jars sitting after their water bath. Waiting to hear that little *ping* to know it all went well (it did!).
It was a lovely afternoon of canning, particularly with the addition of this helper-turned-asparagus thief! 



I can't wait to pop open a jar in a month or two and invite some friends over for Bloody Marys.

Hope you all had a fantastic Sunday!

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