Sunday, May 19, 2013

Phinney/Greenwood Garage Sale Day!

Who doesn't love a good garage sale? And hey, who doesn't love a whole neighborhood full of garage sales?

Saturday was the annual Phinney Ridge/Greenwood Garage Sale day, so my friends Nicole, Elle, Ira the dog, and I got an early start to check it out and see if we could make some good finds. Here's a little of what we saw on our garage-sale-ing adventure:

Spring-time ice skates.
Zoo bricks? 200 bricks? Either way, bricks. 
I loved this pink flower broach.
Pretty pretty packaging.
My first find of the day. 
I loved this green shelf, but left it behind since I had no idea where I would put it.
1920s lace collar.
Tiny things!!!! 
Beautiful hardware. 
My partners in crime.
We all ended up with a lot of great finds! Elle managed to find some Hunter rain boots for a measly $8, Nicole found some great stuff for the kids she works with and some good stuff for around the house, Ira found ALL of the other dogs that were out and about, and I came home with all of this:

Sock organizers for a future DIY project, copper bundt pan, vintage bird and birdcage print skirt, buttons, tiny things.
My haul cost me a whopping $9.50. I'm the most excited about the vintage skirt because of its adorable print (and $2 price tag).

Buddy and Hank are clearly the most excited about the tiny things, which are little ceramic statuettes. I got a bird, an owl, and a kangaroo to add to my collection!

It's just like they say: one person's trash is another person's treasure!

Til next time!



  1. Ah this looks like so much fun! I love garage sales. Let's go sometime :) Can't wait to see what you have planned for those sock organizers.

  2. Looks like a really fun time! The skirt is really pretty. I need to get out to garage and estate sales more often.


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