Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

Don't you just love the weekend? It's two whole days to spend however you like! I got mine off to a great start with a day of exploring and relaxing with amazing weather and good company.
Old maps, wrought-iron fence salvaged from the King Street Station restoration, white heating grate with aqua highlights, and so many windows.
My day started off with a relaxing yoga class, followed by a trip to The RE-Store with my friend Hollis. They're a non-profit store in Seattle that sells reclaimed materials from buildings of all eras. That means it's full of gorgeous old windows, beautiful doors, ornate heating grates, and awesome light fixtures. 
Old sewing machine table, awesome hanging lamp, small chandelier.
The Re-Store is one of my favorite places to comb through in Seattle and I find that I always leave feeling inspired. Admittedly that inspiration is usually to do many projects using many doors that would never fit anywhere in my house, but today I left with some more tangible ideas. I'm now planning to go check out the King Street Station restoration after seeing the old wrought iron gates salvaged from the project and I'm going to keep checking back at The Re-Store to try to find the perfect light fixture for my kitchen!
Did I mention that they have a shop cat?
Globes at Ludlow Home, Doves at Terra Bella Flowers.
We headed to Phinney Ridge next to look through the cute shops up there. Hollis and I both initially mistook the doves above for taxidermy until we noticed them moving. So pretty!
Running errands in Ballard, pretty flowers by my house, amazingly manicured tree at the Woodland Park Rose Garden.
Buddy and Hank!
The rest of the afternoon was spent eating ice cream in the Woodland Park Rose Garden, running errands, having a nice walk home, and snuggling up with Buddy and Hank! What a lovely, lovely day.

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

Til next time!


  1. I have never heard of the re-store! we must go on our next date :)

  2. I want to come spend a Saturday with you!

    1. Cousin, I would LOVE that. I'd love to come see you in Montreal!


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