Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maple Bacon Waffles

Guys, have you seen how many delicious waffles have been gracing the internet lately? First there were these Peach Chili and Corn Bread Waffles over on Lynn and Lou, then Jessi over at Haircut and General Attitude shared a picture of a waffle grilled cheese she had, and THEN Joy the Baker shared a recipe for Mashed Potato, Cheddar and Chive Waffles that looked so good my brain practically exploded.

So after a non-stop week of looking at delicious, sweet/savory waffles on the internet, I was dead set on making waffles over the weekend. So I did! And I decided on Maple Bacon Waffles.

I actually ended up really needing them on Sunday morning. I literally woke up with the street outside my building closed off with police cars and SWAT team trucks blocking either end. I spent the first hour of my day hiding in the bathroom with my cats because I couldn't find any information about what was going on, and I assumed that if the SWAT team was there, it was probably a pretty big deal. I was assuming hostages, gun fire, you name it. 

Fortunately, around 8am, the internet decided to fill me in and apparently someone had barricaded themselves in their house after having the cops called on them over a domestic violence dispute, so I emerged from the bathroom and lay in bed waiting for it to wrap up. There was a whole spell of negotiations over a loudspeaker, and then fortunately the guy surrendered and was driven away in a cop car. It was the weirdest morning. I live in a quiet, relatively crime-free part of town so it was particularly bizarre to witness.
Anyway, tangental story aside, waffles are obviously awesome and make a perfect pick-me up! They're crispy on the outside, pillowy on the inside, and have the perfect little pockets to hold delicious toppings. Even a plain waffle is a pretty perfect food, but the addition of crispy, salty bacon and sweet maple syrup really brings these ones to another level.

Here's how to make 'em!
Maple Bacon Waffles- Makes about 5 waffles

- 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour (I used Trader Joe's gluten free blend)
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1/2 tsp baking soda
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 2 eggs at room temperature
- 3 tbsp butter, melted and cooled
- 2 tbsp maple syrup (the good stuff!)
- 1 cup milk
- 4 strips of bacon, cooked up and crumbled into little pieces
1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the dry ingredients (Minus the bacon. Does that even count as a dry ingredient? Let's say yes?) and whisk to combine.
2. In a separate large mixing bowl, beat the eggs slightly, then add the melted butter, maple syrup, and milk and whisk until well combined.
3. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and whisk until combined.
4. Add the crumbled bacon and whisk until well combined. Then set the mixture aside, grease your waffle iron, and let it heat up.
5. Ladle batter into your pre-heated waffle iron. You'll want to use just enough the cover the bottom of the waffle iron. Then, close it up and cook your waffle to the desired done-ness.
6. As you can see, I like mine an awesome golden brown. Once your waffle is cooked, pull it from the waffle iron and have at it! If you want to be super polite and serve everyone at once, you can lay your waffles in a single layer on a sheet pan and keep them in a 250°F oven until you're ready to serve them.
Now, on Sunday I decided to go classic with my waffle toppings and just did some butter and really good maple syrup. That way I could really enjoy the sweet and salty action going on in these maple bacon waffles. These waffles would also be great as a base for eggs benedict in place of the english muffin, and would be yummy with some good jam, too! I can't confirm it since I haven't tried it yet, but I suspect these would be great for a waffle grilled cheese. I think I know what I'll be having for dinner later...

Til next time!

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  1. These looks so yumtastic. My fiance just discovered waffles (I don't know how he hasn't had any big fluffy waffles in his life yet, but I don't question our cultural differences when it comes to breakfast foods. I mean - BEANS?!)and now he's begging me to buy a waffle maker.
    If I incorporated bacon... I think he'd propose to me all over again.

    <3 dani

    1. Ahaha! That's so great! My waffle iron is not remotely fancy. I think it was mayyyybe $20 at Target and it definitely gets the job done!

  2. This sounds right up our alley, especially now that we are in maple syrup country.

    On a side note, if you ever come to visit (hint, hint)...


  3. Mmmmmm! Makes me wish I had a waffle-maker! Oh an here's a thing--- I've never had real maple syrup before! I have to get on that!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

    1. You must try it! It's definitely more expensive but it's totally worth it! So good.

  4. these would be such a hit at my house, thank you for sharing!

  5. These look awesome! I'm not very good with my waffle iron (aside from throwing cinnamon rolls in it) so this looks like something I'll need to practice!

    1. Cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron???? I need to try that! I pretty much only use my waffle iron for waffles, but I now feel as though I may be under-utilizing it... Hmm...

  6. Maple bacon waffles is possibly the most delicious combinations of words I've ever heard! A new reader just visiting from Coryographies :) www.coryographies.blogspot.com

  7. Mmmm! These look really good. I should ask for a waffle maker for Christmas.

  8. Great idea to put some bacon in them! They really look delicious!

    Sofie x

  9. So sorry you had that scare in your neighborhood. Bacon waffles sounds like the perfect treat!

  10. Wow what a morning! Nothing like forced bathroom barricading to start it off!
    Sign up for special AHKA store priviledges

    1. Right? I had texted a friend of mine from the bathroom and she was like "Oh my god. Are you hiding in a closet? I would be hiding in a closet." It's all pretty funny to think about now that it's over!

  11. A few days ago, I would have thought this would taste weird, but I recently tried this at a bacon restaurant and they are super good!

    1. A bacon restaurant???? I would just die. I gotta check that out!

  12. Oh, I bet those are good! I'm REALLY sad that I have the maple-bacon gag reflex now because I got the flu right after having some great salad with maple and bacon in it. Sigh. Stupid.
    I love your food photography! I wish our house had enough light downstairs to get some good pictures like this! I just had to say, you have great skills. Makes me want to eat everything you post.

    1. Oh no!!!!! That's awful! Also, thank you so much! I'm lucky enough to have south facing kitchen windows so I get lots of good light in there. I'm glad my photos are making you hungry!

  13. Whoaaa bacon and waffles together?? That just sounds amazing. I shouldn't have read this post right before bedtime lol :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy

  14. Okay first off, it is sad that what happened with the cops is "normal" here in Houston, ha ha! BUT I do have to say that I am still not used to it. I am from a VERY small town and have only been living in Houston for almost three years & it just really trips me out how things are so different here...

    On another note, CHEDDAR AND CHIVE WAFFLES? What have I been missing out on my whole life... ha ha. These maple bacon waffles look amazing as well. I have a bad habit of just heating up Eggos in the toaster, so I definitely need to try this out :D

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

    1. Oh man, that must be crazy! It's probably somewhat common in some parts of town, but my neighborhood is so quiet that it was really bizarre!

      Seriously, those waffles. I had to put a lot of effort into not drooling on my keyboard when I read the recipe!

  15. Oh my gosh, they look *so good*! Since I'm diabetic, I'm on low-carb diet, but I think I'd have to make an exception for these! I wonder if sugar-free maple syrup exists anywhere ... ~__^

  16. YUM, now I wish I didn't skip breakfast before work!

  17. wow! looks so SO good. i've decided, i need a blender and a waffle maker!

    1. Definitely good things to have on the list! I'd love to get a new stand blender! I'm pretty much just working with my stick blender right now.

  18. Oh my goodness, two of my favorite breakfast things combined!? I love it!

  19. Waffles are my WEAKNESS! This recipe looks fantastic.

    Xo, Hannah


  20. oh my this sounds amazing!!


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