Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Gingham

 Glasses: BonLook
Tights: DKNY

Man, this weekend was about 3 days too short! Try as I might, there was no way I was getting everything done. But oh well! It was a long, long week at work, so on Friday, I was set on coming home, watching the season finale of Scandal, and going to bed early. 

I used to work about a mile from my place, so I used to walk to work every day. Since I live up a big hill from there, I managed to get a decent workout walking to and from work each day. Now that I work downtown and am bussing in, I've been feeling like I'm really lacking in the ol' exercise department. So! I decided I wanted to join the gym in the building I work in. I got myself all determined to go during the week, and then as I was starting to gather my things, I realized that while I had workout clothes, I didn't own a single pair of shoes I could wear to the gym. Oh brother. So, Saturday, I bought myself the first pair of running shoes I've had in my adult life. I also bought a tv, which was the first one of those I've had in my adult life, so Saturday was a goofy day! 

Since Sunday was Easter, I headed over to my parents' house to have some lunch and eat way too much candy. I ended up wearing this darling gingham skirt that I picked up at Trove Vintage a few weeks ago and loved looking festive. I don't think I'll ever have enough gingham- it's one of my favorites! In addition to a tasty lunch, my family also played a game of Boggle. I won! This is real exciting, because I've never won against my sister in the 19 or so years we've been playing. I'm pretty damn good at Boggle, but my sister is amazing. Triumph!

Anyway, while I got some stuff done this weekend, I still have lots on my to-do list, so hopefully I'll have a productive week.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun for Easter?


P.S. Sorry these photos have kind of a grey hue to them. For the couple of weeks, Blogger has decided to upload all of my photos with a grey tint. I've tried messing with the auto-enhance feature to no avail. Do any of you know how to fix this? It's real pesky.

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  1. i love that gingham! i want everything to be gingham all the time. well, except when it's polka dots, of course. but i love me some gingham! also, i'm not at all surprised that you won at boggle. i haven't played in years, but that used to be my jam as a kid.

    as for blogger, i haven't had the grey tint problem, but sometimes i upload a photo and it looks like i went crazy using the blur tool in some parts of the photo! i go back and look at it in photoshop and it's *fine* but then i re-upload it and it's all halo-y again! i know danielle from goodwillista uploads everything in flickr for much better results. maybe you could try that?

    xo nicole

    1. Me too. Polka dots can totally replace gingham from time to time! That's awesome! If I'm ever in Austin, we should have a boggle tournament for sure.

      Thanks for the advice. I'll look into it and see if I can sort it out!

  2. Love that skirt!! Spring Gingham... you should totally call it "Springham". Hehehe.

    For the grey hue issue: Are your photos in RGB color mode, or CMYK? Sometimes certain websites use one or the other, and uploading the wrong type can cause discoloration.

    <3 dani

    1. Ha! Springham is my new favorite made-up word!

      That's a good thought. I'll check out my photos and see if that might be the problem.

  3. That skirt is so darling!!! Gingham is seriously the best, and I need more of it in my life, especially with summer coming! I might have to try whipping up a gingham skirt or something.

    We spent Easter with both sides of the family, which was fun, and I got to photograph my cousin's baby wearing the CUTEST crocheted bunny hat and bunny diaper cover. Seriously, I about died from her cuteness! It was super fun!
    I hope you're having a good Monday!

    1. Thanks, Kristina! I know, I need all the gingham! Haha

      Your Easter sounds lovely. I hope you'll be sharing those cute crocheted items on your blog soon!

  4. I totally agree you can never have to much gingham in your wardrobe. I also feel the same way about polka dots. I love your outfit and I hope you are enjoying the gym.

  5. Love this skirt- perfect Easter look! I've been obsessed with Zumba lately and realized that I haven't bought new tennis shoes in at least 5 years and wait for it... a new sports bra since high school (ahem... the 90s) yikes! I just hate spending $ on exercise clothes, haha :)

    1. I've never tried Zumba- maybe the gym I'm joining will have a class! Oh my gosh, I didn't even THINK about sports bras! I guess I have something else to add to the list. Ay yi yi!

  6. Ah I recently bought my first pair of proper gym sneakers also! I have been looking for a vintage gingham dress for awhile now, haven't found the perfect one but that skirt is just darling!

  7. This skirt! I have such a weakness for gingham, so I'm in love. And obviously these shoes are always amazing. Totally with you on this weekend being far too short!

  8. Love this outfit! That skirt is gorgeous!

    Did you happen to see your feature on my blog Friday?

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  9. I miss Trove Vintage- that place was like my own personal heaven, haha. And you look darling in that skirt you snapped up! Also WOOT for steps into adulthood, haha! I always steal my mom's gym shoes so you have me beat. And I've been meaning to join a gym too- I've never been much of health nut but I'm starting to feel guilty over how much sugar I've been inhaling. I blame easter, haha.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. you're adorable! I've also realized that I haven't owned a pair of sports appropriate shoes in forever... hahah! my exercise of choice these days is yoga though, so it's a good thing I chose something I can do barefooted ;)

  11. Your gingham skirt is gorgeous! It's so lovely and springy, it would make a great picnic skirt! You look beautiful and your shoes are really cute. Your weekend sounds perfect - easter weekend is supposed to be a lazy one! xx

  12. Love your skirt girl !
    And those shoes are so cute.
    Cheers From Paris,


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