Monday, June 16, 2014

A Grand Adventure to the Lighthouse

(photos by Ian Macleod)

Glasses: BonLook / Similar
Sweater: c/o Conversation Pieces
Jeans: Urban Outfitters / Similar
Shoes: Rocketdog / Similar

In typical Seattle fashion, June has come and gone, and we're now smack dab in the middle of Junuary. Yes, Junuary. The lovely part of June where the sun goes into hiding and you remember that your tights, coats, and sweaters aren't done for the year. It happens. Washingtonians like to say that summer doesn't start until after the 4th of July, and that holds true almost every year.

While I'm a sucker for sunshine and just about all things summer, I must confess, I kind of love these cooler days. After a few weeks straight of sunny, warm days, these cool cloudy days bring out my inner adventurer, so over the weekend, my friend Ian and I headed to Discovery Park to visit the lighthouse. Ya'll, isn't this the prettiest place? Even though I'm practically a lifelong resident, I continue to be blown away by the beauty of this state and am constantly dumbfounded that gorgeous places like this exist and are easily accessible within the city limits of Seattle. 

I think many of us are guilty of this, but I totally get dressed based on whatever I'm doing, and since I was visiting the lighthouse, I decided to opt for a slightly nautical look. I'm currently obsessed with my new tote from Conversation Pieces: the gold grommets around the top just kill me, and the combination of handles and straps makes it the perfect carryall for a day adventuring. Since it was a bit chilly, but I knew I'd be doing quite a bit of walking to get to the lighthouse, I opted for comfy shoes, jeans, a lightweight sweater, and a super cute pinwheel ring to boot!

The lighthouse was gorgeous, and the beach nearby was piled high with driftwood. I was pretty much in Northwest heaven. The walk back from the beach was full of lush, green trees, and lots of birds. I got especially excited when I spotted an owl flying towards a tree and then saw that it had landed next to another owl. They were so cute all cozy on the branch together! While we lucked out and were rain free at the beach, we did not get so lucky on our walk to the bus. In fact, a torrential downpour started up, so we were totally soaked by the time we made it to the bus. But hey! What's a good adventure without some crazy weather, right?

All in all, it was a great day spent exploring, looking out on the Puget Sound, and having a grand adventure. Have you guys had any awesome adventures recently?

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  1. That bag is perfect! You totally nailed the perfect outfit for a visit to a lighthouse. These pictures are so gorgeous. I envy that this weather brings out the adventurer in you, anything less than sunshine makes me want to lounge :)

  2. is it weird that the first thing i thought when i saw these pictures was BECCA'S WEARING PANTS! you look amaaaaaazing in these photos, and not just because the light is perfect. that sweater fits you like a dream and looks so soft. i also love how your look is subtly nautical without screaming SAILBOWTS.

    i love that we both took awesome trips this weekend!

    xo nicole

  3. Hey pretty girl in jeans! You look really good! Wow, what a change.

    P.S. Cudos to the photographer. What a beautiful post.


  4. Dang, you look SO cute and comfy! That pinwheel ring is the best, seriously. That's cool that Seattleites are down to have fun no matter the weather.

  5. What a lovely place to visit and your photos look amazing!!!!!

  6. That sweater is SO perfect on you! I love the length and the sleeves; it looks so bombshell on your figure (which is fantastic, by the way.) And I have been wanting to visit that lighthouse! It's so pretty. And we're so close to it! I'll have to convince my husband to do a weekend trip soon!

  7. Such a cute casual outfit, and I love the location! Alex

  8. Totally cute. Because I never see you in pants, I always get really excited when I do see you in them. You make jeans look GOOD, girl! This is totally an outfit I'd put on and say "do I look too boring?" but when I see it on you I realize you can put simple things together and look cute and not boring. I love the brown and grey together.
    In all the times we've visited Discovery Park, how did we not go see the light house!? These pictures are beautiful and I love the backdrop.
    We need to go on a photo excursion. It's been WAY too long! Maybe this weekend?

  9. That bag does look super versatile which is always great since I seem to carry my life in my purse. Also that seems like a lovely adventure, I really want to visit Seattle in the near future. I also went on a somewhat adventure yesterday to see a movie in a park, it was Strangers on a Train by Hitchcock! The park it was in was beautiful and by the lakefront!

  10. so cute. I know what you mean about cooler days. I love the warm weather but I really enjoy living in cooler environments. =)

  11. Hahaha it's the same in SoCal with the weather! Normally we have "June Gloom" where it's cloudy everyday until about 3 hours before sunset. Although this year, we haven't experienced that much at all! I have no idea what's going on...

    I too plan outfits around what I'm doing. Not necessarily for a theme but for practicality. It seems you chose the perfect outfit for a day at the lighthouse. You're totally right, it's gorgeous there!

  12. Love this outfit, especially the bag - you look wonderful!


  13. Well I lucked out when I moved there last summer because all three months were gorgeous! though i totally agree with you- sometimes it's nice to have a cool cloudy day after a few hot ones. and i love how you dressed for the lighthouse- i appreciate that matchy matchiness :D

    xo marlen
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  14. I love this! The tote is so great, I really want a new tote. But I kind of want something colorful for some reason... maybe I'm dressing more neutrally? I dunno, but this style is fabulous! Ugh, I want to go to Seattle so badly! My husband and I both switched jobs which kinda put a damper on summer trip possibilities, but now we are looking at September. So that could be great! This lighthouse is beautiful. I really love them, because we don't have them in Kansas.. which is probably not a shock. :) So I'm always in love with them whether I see them on the coasts or in the great lakes. So fun. I am currently in search of one that I can actually walk around inside of... someday maybe. Also it's constantly 100 degrees and humid here. I would take Seattle January in a heartbeat! :) -Alexandra

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