Monday, August 4, 2014

Blueberry Picking 2014!

Hey guys! Are you sick of me talking about picking berries yet? CUZ I'M SURE NOT!

Saturday, my friend Hollis and I drove out to Duvall to do some blueberry picking at Cottage Gardens Blueberry Farm. I think Blueberry Forest would be more accurate! Unlike the neatly manicured rows I picked from last year, this place was full of huge, unruly blueberry bushes. You can see in some of the photos above how incredibly tall and close together they all were.

It would seem, I'm afraid, that I have a bit of a blueberry picking curse. Both times I've been blueberry picking, I've set out on a gorgeous sunny day, only to have it downpour. This year I got lucky in that the pouring happened before we arrived at the farm, but it was enough to soak the bushes, which meant that Hollis and I left the farm pretty soggy, especially since we were climbing under branches and pushing our way between rows to get to more berries!

At the end of the day, I picked about 4 pounds of blueberries, which will mostly be gobbled up by the handful. I did reserve some for a Blueberry Peach Pie that I cooked up yesterday. I'll be sharing the recipe either this week or next.

It was a really lovely day, and such a nice chance to get out of the city. Washington is really such a gorgeous state, and I love that a 30 minute drive can transport you to lush beautiful farm land. Maybe someday I'll even have some land for myself!

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  1. These pictures turned out beautifully! It really does look like a blueberry forest. I can't wait for you to post all about what you make with these blueberries :)

  2. i'm such a blueberry fiend! i have got to figure out if there are places to go a-pickin' around austin or the hill country, because this looks like so much fun. i would have easily eaten all four pounds on the ride back to town!

  3. That does look like an amazing blueberry forest! Last year my mom froze some and gave me some since I was busy wedding planning last summer and didn't get to pick any and they were such a fun treat to pull out in the middle of the winter for fresh blueberry muffins :)

  4. I love reading about your berry picking adventures! Looking forward to the blueberry peach pie recipe ^_^

  5. So fun. I really wish we had berry picking here.. but it's much too hot I think. Come fall there are lots of apple orchards though. :) These blueberries look amazing! I made this berry spritzer for my sister's bachelorette that was super yummy and had lots of wine-soaked blueberries and raspberries in the bottom... yum. :) Excited to hear about your recipe! :) I tried a blueberry peach pie once too, my family and husband loved it, but it wasn't my very favorite pie... XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. I love your picking adventures you motivated me to go to our local strawberry field and I had a grand old time.

  7. Not sick of this at all! It helps me live my love of PNW berries vicariously through you! Although I was never really in to the u-pick aspect, I'm more of a show-up-to-the-farm-and-buy-a-flat kinda person. (aka lazy) :)

  8. I did not know blueberry bushes could get that tall! I bought one for my garden this summer that is sadly not looking so great. Excited to see what you do with all these berries! Planning on posting a recipe?

  9. I'm embarrassed, BUT I honestly never seen where blueberries come from until this post. I don't know where I thought they grew (a vine maybe, idk). Anyway, blueberries are my fave. I didn't know you could just go to a farm and pick some. Will definitely look to see if I could find something like that locally!


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