Monday, August 18, 2014

My New Favorite Dress

Glasses: BonLook
Belt: Vintage / Similar
Flats: Rocketdog / Similar

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that last week was a doozy. Man, was it rough. In my personal life, all I really had to deal with was a grain beetle infestation (ugh.), but the news was full of one awful thing after another. It was a hard week. I got sucked in, internalized too much, and didn't figure out why I was feeling so crummy until three quarters of the way through the week. Fortunately, once I figured out WHY I was feeling so awful, I got to talk it out over nachos with an awesome friend of mine. So that was really nice.

In other, less depressing news, I'm taking a class right now called Change One Room, Change Your Life, which is being taught by amazingly talented friend, Hollis. I'm two weeks into the three week course and am feeling so inspired! I'm going to be tackling my living room, so I've been spending hours poring over inspirational photos and furniture websites as well as rearranging my furniture to finish getting my plan in place. If you're in the Seattle area and looking to redecorate any rooms in your house, I would highly recommend this class Hollis will be teaching it again starting in September, and if you're interesting in signing up you can register here.

Other than spending a lot of my weekend rearranging furniture and looking at couches, I had brunch with a friend, hit up the farmers market, and hung out with Katie! Katie and I have both recently cleaned out our closets, so we gathered up a bunch of our clothes to sell at Buffalo Exchange. I did quite well, which I attest to the outfit I wore, which you can see above. Seriously, I feel like when the buyers like your style they buy way more of your stuff! 

This dress is absolutely my new favorite. I picked it up at Trove Vintage in Ballard earlier in the week before seeing Guardians of the Galaxy (which was great, btw). I instantly fell in love with the print, but the style was not necessarily love at first sight. When I put on the dress, I actually laughed out loud at the Judy Jetson-esque shoulder detail on this puppy. See that stitching details on the shoulders? Yea, that's the shoulder pieces folded in half. They were huge!!!! Fortunately, I saw a spark of hope for this dreamy dress, folded the shoulder pieces, and knew I could tack them into place to make it the cutest dress ever! Now that it's fixed up, I don't think this dress will be worn less than twice a week for the rest of the summer.

So that's my report! Did you guys get up to anything fun over the weekend?

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  1. This dress is so sweet! I love how colorful it is, yet it's not at all overwhelming! Sorry your week sucked, but the class you are taking sounds awesome! I have been on a big organizing kick all summer, and hope to eventually get to more of a decorating point. I have way too much junk... :) I also LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy.. and I am not typically the hugest fan of super-hero type movies. I blogged about it if you want to check it out. :) This weekend KC and I drove to Iowa for a wedding for my elementary school BFF, it was so fun and on the way home we saw 'what if' with Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan. I found it really great and offbeat. I like the semi indie romcom quite a bit. Plus it took place in Toronto... so I was sold. :) Then lots of family time. Hope this week is better! :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. ahhhh this dress! did i inspire you recently? ahaha! it's PERFECT! i love this length on you! <3

  3. Those sleeves are fierce. And "We are Groot". ;)

  4. loooooooooooooove this dress! i saw a similar one on pinterest yesterday and tried to track it down on ebay, with no luck. that belt is perfect for it too. you're such a good fixer-upper! of sleeves, of rooms, of grain beetle infestations. (booo about the last one!)

    i can't wait to see photos of the updated room (nudge nudge)!

    xo nicole

  5. I love this dress, too! The pattern and colors are just perfect, and it looks great on you!

  6. The perfect vintage dress! Love the colors and it fits you swimmingly! Sorry about your week- I really hope this one is off to a better start. Hopefully the weekend was a good reset button. That class sounds awesome, I'm really wanting to whip my house into shape and I get so overwhelmed with everything- one room at a time sounds like a good idea :)

  7. I miss Trove, I would fly back just for Trove, haha! And that dress is a total DREAM on you- the colors look so so so good with your hair and skin tone. And I think redecorating is in the air- my best friend Tom started moving around furniture in his bedroom at like 2 AM because he just *couldnt* sleep with the old, and in his words, boring layout haha. It's fun though so at least it's not a hardship :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. Your new dress is now my favorite too ;)

    Isabelle @ Head Red & Blondi

  9. GORGEOUS dress! The cut is perfect on you, and the print is lovely. You made the shoulders look fabulous!

    I'm glad you're coping with difficult times through good talks with friends and fulfilling projects :)


  10. the dress!!! too adorable for words

  11. This dress is so lovely!!! I want it in my wardrobe!!

  12. Yea this dress is super adorable! These colors are brilliant on you :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  13. The shoulder detail is great! Nice work. I can see why this is a favorite!


  14. Your dress is so adorable!! I know it will transition to fall just beautifully too! :)

  15. Sometimes weeks are just like that! I love this dress its so hard to believe that it didnt look great originally but I love what you've done with it. I agree with Lauren that the colors will be perfect for fall also, that dress was such a great snag!

  16. Such an adorable dress, love it! Alex

  17. Holy Smokes!!! That dress is amazing! Also, re-arranging furnature also makes me feel better and throwing stuff away. Lol... I thnk that's pretty normal right? Last week was crappy for me as well : (

  18. Your new favorite dress is my new favorite dress! So pretty! Also, I LOVE buying and selling at Buffalo Exchange!

  19. Oh my goodness, this dress is magic! Love all the soft colors :) great find!


  20. Oh, this dress! I totally would have never guess about the shoulders because it looks amazing like this. It's so lovely!

    And I keep meaning to email you and Katie, but I am totally serious about doing some sort of Swedish Hasbeen post. We can do three different ways to style them maybe? We need to make this happen.

  21. That would be my favorite dress too! So cute!
    Melanie @

  22. The dress So so Cute!!!!! and looks a like a teacher
    1950s Dress On ReoRia

  23. That dress amazing! Love the colors :)

  24. I see why its your favorite, its a lovely dress!!! :)

  25. Your new dress is totally briliant! I love the shape and the beautiful checked rainbow!
    Sorry you've had a difficult week, hope it gets better!xx

  26. Nachos and chats with friends is such a good cure to those more down parts of life...also - rearranging furniture is so therapeutic!! I'm excited for you :D
    Lovely outfit - you pull off that dress so well, Becca! xo


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