Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunny Days... In the Office.

 Glasses: Andy Wolf Eyewear
Belt: Target
Skirt: ModCloth / Similar
Shoes: Nordstrom

Oh, hey guys! Remember me? Sorry for the radio silence the last few weeks. Our biggest event of the year at work was about a week ago and I was working 60-85 hour weeks for about 3 weeks leading up to it. I even worked 11 days in a row at one point! Suffice it to say, I was a bit tied up and, sadly, wasn't able to find time to keep up with the ol' blog. But I missed you guys! And I'm glad to be back. And to have some time to catch up on your blogs and see what you've been up to the last few weeks!

Seattle is now in full on spring mode and I couldn't be loving it more. Since I work downtown now, I've been enjoying have bus access that allows me to jet off to different parts of town after work to hang out in the park or do some exploring. This time of year, it can be a bit tough dressing for work: I want something I can stay warm in for 8 hours in an air conditioned office, but that won't be too warm when I get done and head to the park. And obviously, it needs to be cute, too! I've been really loving this lightweight cardigan from Conversation Pieces for such reasons and can't get over its cute pointelle fabric pattern. Do any of you guys have this cold office problem, too?

Besides enjoying the spring weather and living at work the last few weeks, I've been having fun trying to check out some films during SIFF (the Seattle International Film Festival), catching a few concerts, obsessing over the new Mirah album, and exercising. Yes, that's right lady and gentleman, this lady finally joined a gym. I have to say, I'm really liking it so far! Even though everything is kicking my ass, I feel like I can improve and actually feel awesome when I leave. Here's to new healthy habits!

How have you guys been enjoying the glorious spring weather? Are you SO pumped for summer? I know I am!




  1. Yay, you're back! I missed your posts! Sounds like a crazy but fun few weeks. So this ties into your comment about the tights on my blog- air conditioned offices is EXACTLY how I still wear them once in awhile even though it's so hot out, but it makes the drive home pretty miserable, haha. The problem with PHX summer is it's like 112 out and everywhere will pump ac to 70 which is a HUGE change on your body! I hear ya on the exercise, I've been doing Zumba and it makes me feel so much better! Welcome back lady!

  2. I love the different textures/prints of your outfit! I'm so excited for the fun and free city activities that come about with summer time weather as a broke post grad school I really enjoy that warmer weather means concerts/movies in the parks, bike rides, picnics, street festivals!

  3. It's great to see you back! I like how you've mixed and matched the patterns of your outfit, it works so well and the cardigan is just lovely ^_^ I'm excited to be able to get out more, to head down to the beach for ice cream and hang out in the garden on warm evenings! Yay summer!

  4. Yay! Welcome back! I totally understand about work stuff but high five for making bank, lady!

  5. I missed you, I'm so glad your back. Lucky you that your weather is getting warmer and mine is getting colder. I love that sweater and red is so your colour.

  6. So happy to have you back! You are just all sorts of adorable. I'm in love with this skirt and the color of this cardigan on you! :)

  7. Kansas skipped Spring. Typical. Glad it's lovely in Seattle! Good to 'hear' from you. :) The outfit is lovely. This sweater is so sweet. Glad all is well. Xo-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  8. You look so adorable. I like the textured cardigan with your patterned skirt. It makes for a very playful combination!

    Oh yes, I know all too well about the office chill. Lately, I've been actually quite warm in my office (it's in the back so it's a bit stuffy) but I never leave the house without at least a cardigan in my bag because the rest of the building is freezing!
    Exploring My Style

  9. Cute necklace! :) Hope work quietens down a bit for you soon! xx

  10. totally adoring the colour combo here miss!

  11. Yay, you're back! I've missed your posts! Sounds like you've been crazy busy, though!
    Starting new healthy habits is hard! I've committed myself to taking a daily bike ride around our neighborhood -- lots of hills, so it's good exercise!-- and I HATE being in the moment of a hard workout, but I LOVE the feeling afterwards of having conquered something I couldn't do before. Haha!

    Don't you just love how Washington has such fickle weather? Ah, yeah. I remember having to dress for a cold office but leaving work super hot outside. You look so cute, though! Cardigans are the perfect median for the weather! LOVE the red on you! So pretty.


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