Monday, July 28, 2014

A Breezy Summer Wedding Look

 Glasses: BonLook
Dress: Anthropologie (old)
Belt: Target
Clutch: J. Crew

Hi guys! Yowza, it was a busy weekend! I kicked it off with a personal trainer appointment (not my favorite thing- you'll be getting an earful about that later this week), made brunch with my friend Levi, celebrated my dad's birthday with mini golf and lunch, and attended the wedding of my dear friends, Sam and Megan.

Sam and Megan have been together for about 7 years and I'm so thrilled that they were finally able to tie the knot. I'm so happy and proud to live in a state that recognizes that love is love, and allows these two amazing people to spend the rest of their lives together and not having to worry about having the rights to see each other through the hard times as well as the very best times.

The wedding itself was on Saturday evening at the Center for Wooden Boats. The weather could not have been more perfect, and the setting was too gorgeous for words. Watching them get married right on the water in such a beautiful Seattle setting brought a couple of extra tears to my eye for sure! After the ceremony (during which, I obviously cried my eyes out), we feasted on an amazing meal, made merry, and danced the night away. It was such a wonderful evening!

Since it was such a gorgeous summer day, I talked myself out of the sequined dress I was originally inclined to wear, and wore this gorgeous, breezy silk number. While the lighting and the focus in these photos isn't stellar, these are some of my favorite photos to date. The light silk material of this dress gives it amazing movement, and the print and cut out details really make it something special. I loved looking through these photos and watching the movement of the dress in the summer breeze.

Along with the dress itself I wore my new BonLook glasses, which I'm crazy about, my favorite black braided belt, the clutch I got on super sale at J.Crew before the last wedding I attended, and these gorgeous Swedish Hasbeens clogs. Unlike the last wedding I attended, I figured out this outfit the day of the wedding, so I was very pleased that it came together so well- even if I had to do a bit of MacGyver-ing to get my slip to stay in place!

All in all, it was a really wonderful weekend. I'm happy I got to be present for the marriage of two of the best people I know and wish them all the best. Congratulations, Megan and Sam!

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  1. I love your outfit! You look beautiful! It sounds like a wonderful wedding and celebration of love:)

  2. Such pretty details on this dress- you look amazing! Sounds like the perfect celebration and hopefully soon every state will recognize that love is love!

  3. What a fantastic outfit - I adore those shoes! I'm currently looking for an outfit for a summer wedding as well, so thanks for the inspiration! ^___^

  4. woah, lady. you look amazing. seriously, stunning! i love this outfit and think it was the perfect choice out of the two you sent me for a summer wedding. how did you do your hair? i love the waves! this is how I wish my hair looked when it was straight.
    also, the picture second from the bottom is my new favorite picture of you, ever. you look like a supermodel!

  5. This dress is so beautiful on you! The cut outs are great and it looks so flowy and lovely for a wedding! :) So awesome! We have gone to one of our 3 summer weddings and I think my outfit turned out pretty great... maybe I'll post it. Working on a big redesign of my site. Almost done, really hoping to have it all live next week! :) XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. beccaaaaaaaa. i've never been more in love with an outfit, tip to toe, of yours. you look incredible. the dress is perfectly your style, while still stepping up the hot factor a notch. those shoes are TDF. i am OBSESSED with your new frames. what a sexy pair of glasses! you look so confident and so *you* in this look.

    i know they say weddings are the perfect place to meet your future partner, and i'm positive everyone was flocking for you when they saw you in this!

    mazel tov to sam and megan!

  7. That dress is SO gorgeous! As are you! I love these pictures, too; I'd love to see that dress in person, it does look like it has great movement! And how special to get to go to a wedding. I love weddings, they're always so happy and it's great to witness people in love tying the knot!

  8. Ah what a joyous occasion and a beautiful dress! Im glad that your friends were able to rejoice in their love and make it official (as it should be allowed everywhere!). The print is so cute! I have major shoe envy, Ive seen solo many bloggers with Hasbeens of late, I want my own pair someday

  9. Love the cutouts! So stinking cute. I just got new Bonlook glasses as well ; )

  10. Aww you look so adorable Becca! That dress is just perfect for a summer wedding. It sounds like the wedding was just lovely and perfect :)

  11. Your dress is so beautiful, and you look gorgeous in it! The cut out detail is really cute and I can see that the skirt is beautiful and flowy :) Oh, and your shoes are so cute too! It sounds like you squeezed about three weekends into one this week. At least you're making the most of your spare time! The wedding you went to sounds gorgeous, I'm glad you had a good time xx

  12. I absolutely love this dress on you. What a hottie! Great clutch, too.


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