Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Wall Hanging

Hi guys! Today I'm going to show you how to make this super cute wall hanging!

I've been looking for something to hang over my bed for a while now, but am always wary of hanging anything heavy or glass over the bed since I can be a bit of a worry-wart (What if there's an earthquake? What if the cats knock something off the wall while I'm asleep? Oy vey.), so I was pretty excited to put this project together.

It's a pretty quick project and relatively inexpensive to make. You can make it any colors you like, but I chose some bright ones to go with my very bright bedding.
  • 1-2 sock organizers, depending on the size you want. I found mine at a garage sale, but you can find them on amazon (this honeycomb one is pretty!), or on ebay (this is the kind I used), or any number of other places!
  • Acrylic paint. I used two small bottles
  • Sponge brush
  • Picture hooks
  • Fake flowers (I used about 5 bunches)
To get started, apply a single coat of paint to your sock organizer(s) using the foam brush.

After applying the first coat, let dry, then apply a second coat of paint and let that dry too! Be sure to go through and touch up any spots you missed when you do the second coat.
Next, choose where you want to put your wall hanging, mark, and nail in 1-2 picture hooks. I decided to off-set mine, so one hook was higher than the other, but you could do them straight across if you prefer and hang them level with each other.
Now we're on to flower time! You will want to cut your flowers to a length that's just slightly longer than the depth of the sock organizer. I started by cutting mine, and then realized that when I pulled the flower sections off of the stems they were already the perfect length, so I did it that way.
Once you have the flowers ready, make fist sized bunches and place into the holes of the organizer. I placed them at random until I got a nice pattern going. Place as many or as few as you like. You could fill up the whole thing if you wanted to, but I like the sort of rounded honeycomb shape of the organizers, so I left quite a few spaces empty. Once you've got it to your liking, you're done!
So there you have it! A cute and easy wall hanging that you can make in just a couple of hours!

If fake flowers aren't your jam, you could also fill it with dried flowers, air plants, trinkets, fabrics, etc. The possibilities are endless. I think I might try air plants sometime in the future to change things up a bit.

Til next time!



  1. Girl, you kill me with your creativity. I could never think these things up. I would never look at a sock organizer and think I could do something like this. You are fab!

    1. Thanks thanks Katie! You're the best!


  2. Oh my lord, i LOVE this, so much! You are so creative. Ive never heard of sock organisers before!
    I think Ive got a blog crush ;)
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

    1. Aw shucks! Thanks! I hadn't really realized they were a thing either and picked them up at a garage sale without a clue. It wasn't until I bought them from the seller that I found out what they were for!


  3. Wow, this is beautiful! Super creative use of an item I've never heard of. Seriously, it looks like something you would find in a CB2 catalog.

    1. Well golly! Make a girl blush why don't ya! Thank you so much!

  4. wow.so cool !!
    thanks..you're very inspired :)


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