Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Breakfast and Thrifting with Elle

Well, golly! What a lovely Sunday it's been!

The day started with a thorough, early morning cleaning of the ol' apartment, and then my fellow breakfast lover, Elle, came over for breakfast.
We whipped up some Soyrizo and potatoes with fried eggs, avocado, and some Tofutti sour cream. Yum!
After we ate, we went for a short walk to the bus stop and were pretty thrilled with how lovely the weather was.
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters (circa 2003); Belt: Anthropologie; Skirt: ModCloth; Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens.
The neighborhood I live in is full of beautiful flowers and greenery, so we made little stops here and there to take it all in.

Then we hopped bus to the U-District (with the grumpiest bus driver ever) to do some thrifting. The first stop was at Buffalo Exchange. I had a few things to sell and was happy that they decided to buy most of the items I brought. I ended up picking up a super sweet gingham skirt with my store credit and cashed out the rest.

The next stop was my favorite vintage store in Seattle, Lucky Vintage. I've had a lot of really great finds there. Also? They are one of the few vintage stores I've come across that sorts their pieces by style AND size. That saves me from having too many moments like this:
"Look how cute! The cutest double collar! Super cute red plaid! Ah!!!!"
"Oh. It's an extra small."

We had a lot of fun sorting through all the racks and trying on some awesome and ridiculous vintage clothing. Elle found a couple of really cute shirts, and I brought home another skirt (seen above) and an ADORABLE gingham dress that fits like a glove. I think I'm officially seriously obsessed with gingham.
Here are my finds! I think I'll wear the gingham pieces all the time this summer, but I'm also really excited about the navy skirt. Guys, it's got ric rac, loop-de-loops, ribbon, and wool fringe on it. Overkill? Well obviously, but that's why I love it! 

Hope you had a lovely Sunday!

Til next time!


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